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First Diesel Services
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Fuel Injection

First Diesel Services offers In-Direct Fuel Injection service on almost all diesel systems in today’s market. The main difference between In-Direct Injection systems and the new Direct Injection (Common Rail) is in an Indirect Injection engine there is a separate  “pre-combustion” chamber that’s connected to the main cylinder by a short little passage. The explosion of fuel and air happens in this chamber and then travels into the cylinder.

We offer a remove and refit service for Injectors, so you can drop your car off and leave the rest to us. Contact us now for an estimate.

How The Injector Service Works

After testing the injectors we remove the nozzles and clean the injector bodies in an acid wash to remove any hard on gunk and carbon. New nozzles are then placed inside the bodies and set, then tested to meet original specifications.

photo of fuel injectors

Service Exchange

Nepean Diesel Service offers service exchange on common sets of injectors that we have in stock. You provide us with a used set in exchange for reconditioned from our stock immediately saving you time and money. Please contact us to arrange service exchange injectors.