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picture of a fuel pump

Having a Problem With Your Diesel Fuel Pump?

Bring it in and let our experts find the problem. We diagnose and repair 100’s of fuel pumps every year using both OEM and aftermarket parts sourced from around the world. We offer a remove and refit service for fuel pumps, drop your car off and leave the rest to us.

The main causes of fuel pump wear or failure is contamination of the fuel system, dirty or missing filter or corrosion due to moisture in the fuel. A fuel pumps performance can be affected by particles as little as 10 Microns (0.01mm).

Some of the Fuel Pumps we work on are:

A Worn/Damaged Fuel Pump Can Cause:

  • Fuel pressure drop
  • Lean mixture
  • Rough idling
  • Poor performance
  • Spluttering at high engine rpm
  • Hard starting
  • Rough engine running
  • Excessive noise (usually associated with contaminated fuel)
  • High current draw
  • Fuel pressure fluctuations or surge


 Benefits of Repairing a Fuel Pump

  • Restore original system pressure
  • Restore engine power
  • Provide smoother running
  • Improve starting
  • Eliminate smoke from the exhaust



Some of the fuel pumps we work on:

 Inline Fuel Pump’s

picture of an inline fuel pump

  • ISUZU Marine & Industrial
  • Mitsubishi Pajero/Triton
  • Toyota Landcruiser/Trucks
  • Holden Rodeo/Colorado
  • Hino and Ford Trucks


VE Fuel Pump’s

picture of a VE fuel pump

  • Toyota Hilux/Coaster/Landcruiser 1HDT
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Mazda Bravo/Ford Courier