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Should you wish to increase the performance of your diesel, we can supply and install a genuine Garrett turbocharger and accessories. Please contact us for further information.

How a Turbo Works

Engine power is proportional to the amount of air and fuel that can get into the cylinders. All things being equal, larger engines flow more air and as such will produce more power. If we want our small engine to perform like a big engine, or simply make our bigger engine produce more power, our ultimate objective is to draw more air into the cylinder. By installing a Garrett turbocharger, the power and performance of an engine can be dramatically increased.

The components that make up a typical turbocharger system are:

  • The air filter through which ambient air passes before entering the compressor
  • The air is then compressed which raises the air’s density (mass / unit volume)
  • Many turbocharged engines have a charge air cooler (aka intercooler) that cools the compressed air to further increase its density and to increase resistance to detonation
  • After passing through the intake manifold, the air enters the engine’s cylinders, which contain a fixed volume. Since the air is at elevated density, each cylinder can draw in an increased mass flow rate of air. Higher air mass flow rate allows a higher fuel flow rate (with similar air/fuel ratio). Combusting more fuel results in more power being produced for a given size or displacement
  • After the fuel is burned in the cylinder it is exhausted during the cylinder’s exhaust stroke into the exhaust manifold
  • The high-temperature gas then continues on to the turbine. The turbine creates back pressure on the engine which means engine exhaust pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure
  • A pressure and temperature drop occurs (expansion) across the turbine, which harnesses the exhaust gas’ energy to provide the power necessary to drive the compressor



VW 2.0L Gen 3

picture of VW 2.0L Gen 3 turbocharger

Audi 3.0L Two-Stage Serial

picture of a Audi 3.0L Two-Stage Serial turbocharger

 Inside CAT Large Wastegate

Picture of Inside CAT Large Wastegate turbocharger